15 Minute Long Distance Animal Healing Session
Animal Healing - 15 Minutes

The gift of animal healing was realized by the animals around me first before I could allow myself to receive this gift. I knew I could heal some people having pain by using a combination of emotional healing, visual and grid energy work and was using it on my friends when they needed a quick pain relief.  However animals were not in my radar. This changed when deers and crows visited me to heal them.

I lived in Bay Area California and my favorite hiking place had a deer with huge lumps in the throat area.  I contacted the Park Rangers with no success. I was distraught. However this deer would look straight into my eyes, no fear, no skittish behavior, and come close to me and stand a few feet away. Then I knew I was to heal him. So I did my thing and in 2 days 1/2 the lump was gone. Then came the crows whose wings and feet were badly damaged and one had lumps in the throat  (I believe the Fukushima nuclear radiation continuous leaks for 2+ years is impacting animals in California, including chemical trails). These 2 crows were healed in a few days and they sought me out, stayed near my home and came out to connect with me many a time - a friendship was born.

Then I saw an adult grasshopper dead in the pool. I was sad and pulled it out with a pool cleaner, and held the grasshopper in my palm as it lie on its side, with one of its antennae lost. My heart was heavy and I did a different healing, it is like new methods are given to me as my heart opens at the pain I experience watching death or illness, and when I opened my eyes the antennae was restored and the insect was up and out. Then was a smaller grasshopper, again caught in the pool, who was crawling when I got it in my hand. The beautiful insect climbed to the top of my middle finger,(where a thought occurred to me there was a meridian which connects it to my heart) and put its head on the side and I knew it was exiting. I was in tears and I did another healing saying "God your will be done", and the beautiful insect was up and flew.

Then the animals came and it has been a joyful experience so far.

Long distance healing works very well too.

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