I am a student of life. My life is devoted to my healing, seeing God in self, everything and everyone, and to help others heal from past emotional wounds. I am devoted to living without neediness and fears,  dimensional traveling, knowing God within me and  learning about Creation and Ascension. I channel Archangels and other Higher Dimensional Beings.

The core of my work is to help people come closer to the God within, Unified Field of Energy and Information.

The following taken from Dr. Fannin's site illustrates the importance of changing our unconscious programs through directly interacting with our unconscious mind. I help people communicate with their unconscious mind and reprogram old self sabotaging beliefs and destructive patterns of being.

"Subconscious Belief Patterns and the High-Speed Mindset Change Process

US News & World Report presented a special issue February 28, 2005, entitled, The Secret Mind, featuring a paper, How Your Unconscious Really Shapes Your Decisions. The posit of the paper revealed, “According to cognitive neuroscientists, we are only conscious of 5 percent of our cognitive activity, so most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavior depends on 95 percent of our brain activity that goes beyond our conscious awareness” . The subconscious mind consists of all involuntary processes and functions including thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, skills, instincts, and behaviors of which we are not consciously aware. They are generated by the subconscious mind, while the effects occur in the brain and body. Many of the processes and functions of the subconscious mind involve implicit memories. Implicit memories drive much of our subconscious abilities such as, habits, skills, behaviors, reflexes, conditioned responses and emotional reactions, which we automatically demonstrate or engage in without much or any conscious awareness or thinking. If we want to change any of these subconscious implicit memories, like a recurrent automatic emotional reaction to a situation, a self-limiting or potentially self-destructive belief, or perhaps a negative attitude towards someone or something that limits our capacity to interact constructively, we must interface with the subconscious mind. Often we try to use conscious processes such as visualization, will power, and positive thinking to create the desired changes. Experience, all too often, demonstrates that these processes, when used alone, have a limited effect on creating lasting change. Using our “mind over matter” conscious adaptability is a process that generally works only in the conscious realm. We have to enter the realm of the subconscious mind to create lasting changes.

Further explanation of the significance of subconscious belief patterns suggests that our beliefs, usually subconscious, are the cumulative effect of life-long “programming.” As a result of past conditioning, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways. Conscious thoughts can be readily changed, by simply receiving information: reading an insightful book, having a compelling conversation, seeing the unarguable results of scientific research, etc. However, if conscious information were all that was needed to lead satisfying and successful lives, most of us would already be doing that. Unless changes are made at the subconscious level, repeating undesired reactions and behaviors will likely continue. Subconscious beliefs have far reaching consequences, both positive and negative, in every aspect of life. They affect our moods, relationships, job performance, self-esteem, and even physical health. Our contention is that it is imperative to know how to change self-limiting beliefs into self-enhancing beliefs that support our goals and aspirations. By engaging the high-speed mind-set change process our subconscious beliefs can be transformed from creating behaviors that work against us, to subconconscious beliefs that guide behaviors that work to server our goals and desires."

My thoughts - I am still learning more on this

We are in a sea of energy and information (Unified Field/Quantum Field). I believe the energy and information in the Field has different frequencies. Lower frequencies are limited ideas and limited thinking. Higher frequencies are expanded enlightening thoughts and profound ideas. The net human conscious mind and unconscious mind determines our frequency. The level of fear in our unconscious mind lowers our frequency. Our frequency attracts information in the Unified Field that resonates with our minds. Like attracts like. We create the same experiences if we do not do emotional healing. I also believe that our loved ones that have crossed over can put thoughts in our body Field which we pick up.

So to answer the question here, I would say thoughts come from the Unified Field of Energy and Information, which the brain receives unconsciously first, and if we have an unconscious bias and do not like the thought, our unconscious can choose to ignore it, whereby the conscious mind will never know if a great idea came our way. Hence the need for emotional balancing of our Unconscious Mind.

Brain can also create thoughts based on the unconscious programs we carry from our parents and our past. The brain efficiently creates the same frequency thoughts that keep the status quo of a belief strong. Hence the need for emotional balancing of our minds, so our unconscious can bring more functional thoughts, even creative thoughts to us rather than the same ol pattern of talking/walking/eating/choices/…

In addition, Consciousness is outside the brain (Lynne’s book The Field has much information on this), so is Unconscious mind. Also the mind is the Local Mind (ours) and Global Mind (One Mind of the collective unconscious) and I also believe there is the highest frequency thoughts which spiritual students who experience deeper enlightenment experience - Divine Mind.

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